Monday, September 12, 2011

Love, Adorned

My mind has just been blown by this store & blog. Why didn't I know about it on my last trip to NYC?! ...Next time for sure.

"Love Adorned – a lifestyle concept store from New York Adorned’s Lori Leven – expands beyond fine jewelry to include smart tools for home, body and travel. The shop’s lovingly curated inventory addresses the shift away from ‘throw away culture’ with lasting solutions that bring ease and preserve beauty in our busy lives. For where strength exists in design and simplicity, it also is expressed through craftsmanship and quality; all key elements in the shop’s offerings.
Love Adorned often looks to its well traveled and visionary friends to learn about their time tested, sometimes obscure acquisitions or remedies that they love. Every new discovery feels like a piece to the puzzle, whether it makes the body cleaner or the mind clearer.  Building on seasonal themes, the store opened December 2010 with an initial exploration of things cherished and celebrated, collected both from years of searching and growing fascinations. Treasured objects are the things that remind us of the path we carve though the world, and of milestones in our lives. Love Adorned hopes to be a place that brings all things beautiful and inspiring, informative and innovative, to light."

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