Monday, December 12, 2011

Pioneer Log Homes of B.C.

I prefer a rustic cabin over anything too shiny and big. Pioneer Log Homes of B.C. has some fancy ones AND some smaller ones that look just right for me...

(are those lumberjacks?!)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cold Spring Tavern, I wish you were closer

Another family trip North! Here's a little more of Cold Spring Tavern:
I had my usual vegetarian quiche and then attempted this poor old piano we found outside... it worked slightly better than it looked like it would.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Method Homes

I have been obsessed with owning my own someday which leads to accidental research. Method Homes is based in Seattle and they do some cool eco-friendly and affordable homes...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Today's Picks ...Snuggle Season!

If you're looking to slip something sexy under a cozy sweater while lounging around the cabin this holiday season:

1. Tis the season to curl up on the couch... and how about keeping the t.v. off and opening a book, instead? Siddhartha, was my first Hermann Hesse book and is still my favorite. These Dover Thrift Editions are super affordable. They're physically a bit smaller than your average book. Perfect stocking stuffers.
2. Princesse Tam Tam!!! The very thought makes me want to go lingerie shopping in Paris! But... since I have no travel buddies, I'll just have to get the good stuff from Bloomingdales.
3. Only Hearts. Helena Stuart, you goddess, you. I would love to slip into this little chemise right now.
4. My little secret... the men's department has some of the coziest sweaters. Check out this cardigan from J.Crew.
5. Hello perfect pointelle legwarmers from Free People. On-trend and so luxuriously comfy.
6. Hue always has quality, affordable, over-the-knee socks. Available at Bare Necessities among other places.
7. Honeydew outdid themselves with these beautiful lace bralettes. Available at Madewell etc.
8. Potentially the most affordable bra. I get these by the handful at American Apparel
9. Whoa. I can't get over this romper from Free People. The only thing practical about buying it is how much I would love to wear it.

TREND NOTE: bralettes to counter the push-up craze. Nothing about a smaller chest needs enhancement, thank you.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Today's Picks! *or* A Rant About Black Friday

1. As you probably noticed from current news, peeps are sticking it to The Man lately. Many average American people don't have it as easy as before and nobody likes the people who do. So, in true Occupy Wall St. fashion, support the little guy this Christmas/Chanukah/winter AND save some money on affordable gifts! These bennykelly scarves are ridiculously comfy and completely fashionable. The first circle scarf I ever saw many years ago was from this designer. She's the cutting edge and you need her in your life.
2. Terrariums! Do I need to explain how awesome this is? If you have a black thumb like me, you can buy a complete kit from Terrain. Otherwise, I highly recommend getting creative.
3. Cheap sustainable apparel! I've been buying from Threads for Thought at Whole Foods for years, and you can find even more on the brand's website.
4. Rock your holiday parties and 'damn The Man' (see #1 above) in something truly unique like this necklace I spotted on Etsy. Nobody already saw it at the mall or on someone else.
5. Oh, Lupicia, I love you so! Check out Carol tea which comes out only for the Christmas season each year. It's a favorite at my house. BTW this is a Japanese company. Remember? That disaster we all donated to a while back? They're still cleaning it up even now that it's no-longer top news. Here's a link for the American Red Cross, because we'd all like to think someone would help us if we were in such need.
6. I love the sustainable Christmas trees my family gets every year, but they don't have the strongest scent. This year we're filling the living room with tree scent via these Illume candles from Anthropologie. They smell perfect and they aren't made of poisonous ingredients like the candles I see elsewhere.
7. Is anybody else sick of holiday consumerism? I realize our economy runs on it and Christmas presents are so much fun, but I feel like the US needs to quit overspending! We are a culture that buys crap! Loads of crap! For ourselves, for each other... if the money is in our pockets, we buy crap with it. (Yes "we!" I'm guilty as well!) ...For years I've dreaded holiday shopping, and yet we all go back and wade through crowds to wait in ridiculous lines to give our money away because we have to give our loved ones something else to add to their piles of crap. ::insert painful landfill/my bedroom image here:: ...These are the festive cupcakes I baked and decorated that were served at a holiday charity event recently. (What?! I donated time and money and passed on something else like coffee or a fancy meal out?! Yes! And you can do it too!) I think more of my friends might be getting baked goods this year. *Note: You can waste less food if you share!*

(Also, since I mentioned it, here's a well-written critique of OWS. While I'm a progressive person who cannot blame people for being angry about the state of our economy, I believe in real, practical solutions. I support parts of the Occupy movement that I think can lead to a valuable outcome: financial consciousness in American government and everyday life ... For the rest of it, here's THIS article.)

In conclusion, I'd like to encourage everyone to get creative and even more thoughtful this holiday season, in whatever way you see fit... even if you choose to buy from a large corporation. ...They probably employ lots of nice folks.

Wishing everyone happy and cozy holidays!!!!!!!
(with minimal credit card bills)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hiking Temescal Canyon

Today some friends and I hiked Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades. (The only Palisades trail I'm willing to share on the Internet/with non-locals.) It was amazing... and grueling. I'm so out of shape since I stopped wanting to hike alone! (That ends now. There haven't been any new mountain lion sightings.) ANYWAY! This isn't a diary and I do have a point! ... We hiked a higher version of the loop than I've ever done before (general rule being start at the left and stay to te right after the waterfall) and when we got to the top there was a big rock to climb. Here we found a new version of the sweeping city+ocean views Temescal has to offer. It was breathtaking! Our (barefooted!) hiking guide had even brought us each a perfect apple to munch while looking out over the Pacific. The real highlight, however, was an unnatural one. A fire department helicopter came cruising over the hills while we were on the rock. For a good time we were ABOVE the helicopter even. Finally, it came so close we could see the people inside through the glass!... and then it swooped overhead and left us back with our peaceful view.
I'm trying to not always be one of those people who sees the world through my iPhone, so I was sans camera for the whole thing, and it did feel good, but that means you'll have to use your imagination.

...There are cabins in Temescal too! I took this photo on a previous visit:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Lost Notebooks of Hank WIlliams

I've never considered myself a country fan, but somewhere along the way I took a huge liking to Hank Williams music. "Hey Good Lookin'" makes me smile and sing every time I hear it. Now, unrecorded music from Williams' notebooks has been recorded into a new album by a variety of current artists, including Bob Dylan. (I think the NPR report on this is the best.) "You're Through Fooling Me" performed by Patty Loveless  and "The Love That Faded" performed by Bob Dylan are my favorites of the moment.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's Picks!

1. This Vince sweater I spotted at Bloomingdale's has lurex in the stripes... but it's still soft! No scratchiness at all. Leave it to Vince to make yet another sweater I can neither afford, nor resist.
2. I've been eyeing this terrarium from Terrain for well over a year now, but waiting to find out where my next job will be before buying it. I think it's time to either get it anyway or make my own.
3. Check out this up-and-coming jewelry site, Wolf + Moon and you'll be ahead of the pack.
4. It's a perfect cabin blanket from Terrain. Need I say more?
5. Nature-y cups/mugs are the best to drink tea from. This one is from Terrain.
6. Fancy honey is great for yourself and impressing guests. It also makes a unique gift. This is from Savannah Bee Company. Yum! (My mom says the Orange Blossom is fantastic.)
7. I want a wardrobe of Ash. This color reminds me of my favorite crayon when I was little. Available at Shopbop.
8. These grey ones are made of animal-friendly canvas and I love the color. Also at Shopbop.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Santa Ynez Day Trippin' Part V: Solvang Antique Center

Yes, the day wasn't over yet. My parents and I are determined and focused. Before dinner and the drive home we hit up the Solvang Antique Center, one of my mom's antique teacup sources. I haven't appreciated antiques in the past but I found a few treasures to hold my interest.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Santa Ynez Day Trippin' Part IV: Farm Fresh

Yes, we kept going! Our next stop was the peace barn I blogged about previously. I cannot pass this exit off of the I-101 without buying their organic heirloom tomatoes, and the pumpkin everything was delightful as well.

Wait a minute. There's more. Just past the farms is a hike so easy, it should be called a stroll. Even my mom could enjoy this one. So we took a short detour to see the waterfall and take in some fresh air.

Santa Ynez Day Trippin' Part III: Huber Cellars

Yes, we packed a lot into this one day! ...Next up was wine-tasting. This is something that my family hasn't been interested in for long, but after my parents dropped their last daughter, me, off at school in Santa Cruz, they passed through wine country and stopped on a whim. Good thing, because they could use the excitement! Now they like to do a tasting now and then. None of us have the most sophisticated taste, (I'm thinking of a certain purchase of a case of unpleasant Merlot my mom "loved.") but you really don't have to know much to enjoy yourself.

We went to Huber Cellars because the grandson of the owners sold my dad is last car. Good way to pick a tasting room right? Well, it worked. We had such a lovely experience!

The winery is run by a sweet elderly couple, who's tasting room is attached to their home on their vinyard. You drive up a dirt road lined with vines, park in their driveway, and follow the signs around the side of their house to the patio. Here you'll be greeted by a sweet dog named Heidi, who has two different colors eyes and is beautiful. The tasting room is tiny and built into the house, but we went on such a beautiful day that they'd set up outside. The tasting was accompanied by home-made treats by Mrs. Huber herself, including Jalapeno Jelly which was available for a $5 donation to the Humane Society. (Obviously this woman and I have a few things in common.) Mr. Huber poured the wine and we sat on their patio with their dog and admired the gorgeous property and weather. It was so very comfortable and so perfectly beautiful. To me this was a flawless presentation. ...and the wine was good too. We bought a few bottles of three different kinds. I loved it so much. Huber Cellars is a lovely secret to share with your friends on a beautiful day on the central coast.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Santa Ynez Day Trippin' Part II: Cold Spring Tavern

Cold Spring Tavern, in the Santa Barbara Mountains, is a restaurant my family has visited and loved for years. We even had Thanksgiving there one year, long before I became a vegetarian. I love the place and hadn't been since starting CABINOLOGY, so I ate a lot of good food and took a lot of cabin photos. So many photos, that I had to make a series of collages to make it easier to share most of them. I can't wait to go back soon.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Santa Ynez Day Trippin' Part I: Solvang

As if Catalina Island weren't enough, I then took a jam-packed day-trip North with my parents to run some errands around Santa Ynez.

We started with a stop at my mom's favorite yarn store in Solvang, Village Spinning & Weaving, which carries special peruvian yarns she can't find anywhere else. I thought I'd be bored, but the place was really interesting. (Turns out we own a small loom somewhere in the house, and I'm feeling inspired to learn to use it.)

We stopped at a mission on our way out of town. My dad and I appreciate the mossy old roof tiles:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catalina Island, CA

The weekend did not go as planned... we went to Catalina Island instead of Palm Springs!

The trip was great. We took a motor boat out on the water to look for hidden coves, spotted garibaldi and other fish, played mini golf, bowled, played arcade games, explored the island via golf cart, vegged on the beach, etc! We happened to arrive on the day of the local arts festival in Avalon, so we listened to live bluegrass music and checked out crafts and games. There's also a Jazz festival going on during most weekends in October right now, so there were musicians and instruments everywhere we looked. We stayed at the Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel, which I've been eyeing for years now. It's not fancy... it's like a cross between a friend's ranch house and a motel... but I love it. The atmosphere is so natural and it has the best views of any hotel on the island. It almost felt like camping, but with a few more amenities at hand. I'm looking forward to staying there again.

And, of course, the CABINOLOGY...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

already on holiday

LA is having some more warm days now, and I'm heading back to Palm Springs tomorrow to get a little more fun in the sun. I took a lot of pictures last time we stayed at the Parker, so below are a few of the many reasons I love Palm Springs:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet Autumn

I'm drinking that Sweet Autumn tea from Lupicia right now (with frothed milk) and I just pulled hot pumpkin bread out of the oven. I've never experienced anything like this tea. Roasty-delicious. Perfect for a brisk Fall day. I can't recommend it enough.

Today's Picks!

I sure hope someone designs a cool knock-off of this Thakoon jacket I'll never own! Here's the tea I bought at Lupicia in Century City last weekend, and the Pendleton bag that just made the top of my wish list. At the end of the season I'll be digging through the men's sale rack at J.Crew for XS/S sweaters like this one with the adorable toggles. (Men's sweaters have been a wardrobe secret of mine since I discovered Bloomingdale's men's *washable* marino wool on sale several years ago.) Lastly, can these wedges please appear in my closet and be comfy enough to wear? I am so impressed by the attention to detail in the design. They're perfect.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011


There was a lot of CABINOLOGY to be found at Disneyland yesterday with a few of my friends.

(Special thoughts of Fess Parker. RIP.)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunset Baking

Every room with a West-facing window was pink this evening at sunset, following a thundery day. 

 ...Then it started to rain (!?) and we could hear all the neighborhood children screaming and laughing as they played in it. It only made sense to bake Chewy Molasses-Spice Cookies... mmmm Fall.

Today's Picks!

I get a lot of pleasure out of sifting through online stores and picking out my favorite pieces anyway, so why not share them! 

1. Plaid is in right now and flannel is so cozy for Fall. This shirt from the J.Crew Factory is at the top of my wish list.
2. This Vince top from Saks Fifth Avenue is so clean and simple.
3. This Gryphon tunic from Saks Fifth Avenue is ridiculously lovely over leggings.
4. Someone, please give me this gorgeous bra! Top Secret available at Anthropologie.
5. So simple! VeraMeat at Urban Outfitters.
6. I burned these Illume Avocado Mint candles from Anthropologie all summer and I'm still enjoying them into Fall. Illume is my favorite candle brand. (I'll be posting cold weather scents soon.)
7. I need these Joie boots! Great beige color and I love the back lacing. Available at Intermix.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hicksville Trailer Palace

Oh my goodness. This might be really cool.

The Hicksville Trailer Palace and Artist Retreat is in Joshua Tree, CA, which the hipsters and locals may recognize for its proximity to Pappy and Harriet's or, if you're a rock climber/outdoor enthusiast, Joshua Tree Nation Park. I love the desert and I can't wait to check this place out. I'll obviously be staying in The Pioneer, for the cabin feel.