Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Acne brand

What's with all the teenagers' obsession with Acne brand? I've seen it and heard of it for years, but took a look on Net-A-Porter this evening to see what's new and why they're so obsessed. Crisp and clean... some of the pieces were underwhelming, while many of them looked really nice, and all of it is easy to wear. I think the main draw is that it all fits into the current silhouette trends. From the short fluttery skirts, to the soft blazer, big comfy (cabin!) sweaters, Grecian-influenced asymmetrical dress, to the ankle booties, etc etc etc. Even the colors were hot: Dark skinnies, greys, a hint of that bright, sunwashed peachy color. Below are the pieces I might mix into my own outfits if I could...

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