Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Santa Ynez Day Trippin' Part III: Huber Cellars

Yes, we packed a lot into this one day! ...Next up was wine-tasting. This is something that my family hasn't been interested in for long, but after my parents dropped their last daughter, me, off at school in Santa Cruz, they passed through wine country and stopped on a whim. Good thing, because they could use the excitement! Now they like to do a tasting now and then. None of us have the most sophisticated taste, (I'm thinking of a certain purchase of a case of unpleasant Merlot my mom "loved.") but you really don't have to know much to enjoy yourself.

We went to Huber Cellars because the grandson of the owners sold my dad is last car. Good way to pick a tasting room right? Well, it worked. We had such a lovely experience!

The winery is run by a sweet elderly couple, who's tasting room is attached to their home on their vinyard. You drive up a dirt road lined with vines, park in their driveway, and follow the signs around the side of their house to the patio. Here you'll be greeted by a sweet dog named Heidi, who has two different colors eyes and is beautiful. The tasting room is tiny and built into the house, but we went on such a beautiful day that they'd set up outside. The tasting was accompanied by home-made treats by Mrs. Huber herself, including Jalapeno Jelly which was available for a $5 donation to the Humane Society. (Obviously this woman and I have a few things in common.) Mr. Huber poured the wine and we sat on their patio with their dog and admired the gorgeous property and weather. It was so very comfortable and so perfectly beautiful. To me this was a flawless presentation. ...and the wine was good too. We bought a few bottles of three different kinds. I loved it so much. Huber Cellars is a lovely secret to share with your friends on a beautiful day on the central coast.

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