Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rodarte Redwoods

Spring fashion is so exciting! Ask me my favorite designer and I'll probably answer with something like: Every designer's Spring collection is my favorite! It makes sense since I'm from California, where the weather is generally pleasant always. And, since I would like to think of this as a lifestyle blog rather than a fashion blog, I give to you... Rodarte Spring 11!!! (Even though they're about to show Fall)

When I heard the Mulleavy sisters had taken their Spring '11 inspiration from Northern California and the redwoods my cabin was surrounded by, a little seed must have been planted in me. It's been months since, and I can feel myself becoming increasingly enthusiastic about these ladies I was already a fan of because they are from California!

This Spring I will keep the Rodarte aesthetic in mind when I am updating my wardrobe.

(photos from Style.com)

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