Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chuck Close

My BA is in Fine Art and in school I learned about Chuck Close. He is my favorite living artist. (My favorite dead artist is Matisse, though he may be tied with Rodin, who's sculptures I love to draw and paint from.) Here I am with Chuck Close at a book signing (11/19/05):

When my friend took the photo, he told Chuck just how much I love his work. His response was "maybe you should get a life." ...I think he was joking and being modest at the same time, but in case he wasn't, I'm glad I didn't go with my own idea for a joke of showing up in a wedding dress. ...It's just a joke. I like his paintings. I'm not a stalker.


Kiki Smith was sitting next to him, but I wasn't familiar with and didn't see her work in the gallery until after the signing. She was so friendly! Now I'm kicking myself for not having her book signed as well. She's so cool!

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